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UPC : 2011000728076
Seller Reference : 3ACBL-31111

Exceptionally ventilated with its 31 holes, and completely streamlined thanks to its Aero shell, the helmet the one is also designed to be able to place the glasses on the top if you do not need during the race, all this without compromise to safety, thanks to the safety QR code and LED designed by bubbles. The helmet the one also has a winter lining for use throughout the year and a removable visor to turn it into helmet mountain bike.


  • Interchangeable Summer & Winter Linings

  • Aerodynamic removable covers

  • Safety QR Code

  • Sunglasses garage

  • Suitable for all seasons

  • Removable visor


  • OPTI-DOCK - With Bollé’s history of designing and developing eyewear it felt only right to have a dedicated place to stow your eyewear in the FURO. Bollé’s Opti-Dock storage system is a dedicated place to securely stow your eyewear.

  • 360° INTEGRATED MIPS - A homogeneous system works better than two independent parts. Hence our decision to combine the Mips Low Friction Layer and our helmet Fit System. The result is a seamless, lighter look inside the helmet, thus providing great fit & comfort for the longest rides.

  • ROLL CAGE - Mostly seen on racing cars, the roll cage is a specially engineered and constructed frame built into the vehicle compartment to protect from injuries in case of a rollover. The roll cage reinforces the helmet, allowing the creation of huge vents to increase airflow.

  • Size                 54-58cm

  • Item Weight 0.28 Kilograms

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