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UPC : 029757005816
Seller Reference : 3ACBL-BASFHARN

The Bushnell Universal Binocular Harness relieves the neck strain that is common when wearing your binocular around your neck with a standard strap by shifting and redistributing the weight to your shoulders. Straps allow the binoculars to slide up and flex out when in use. When not in use, they are secure and at-the-ready, resting on your chest. Lightweight and vented for comfort, the harness prevents your binocular from swaying and swinging while running or climbing over rough and uneven terrain, so they won't hit into rocks or get snagged on branches and brambles. The harness is outfitted with multiple adjustment points for a custom fit and maximum comfort, and quick release clips allow you to easily attach and remove the binoculars.


  • Stops Swaying and Swinging

  • Redistributes Weight to Shoulders

  • Multiple Adjust Points for a Custom Fit

  • Quick-Detach Clips for Easy Use

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