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UPC : 5024686259038
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When playing rugby, your focus needs to be entirely dedicated to the opposition’s next move in order to remain one step ahead. If focus strays, it could mean the difference between winning and losing. Gilbert have designed a tri-density, extra thick mouthguard that will leave players focussing on the match alone and not potential injuries.


  • The Virtuo 3DY Mouthguard contains 3 layers of varying densities combining to form the ultimate defence mechanism. The softer inner layer moulds easily to the middle layer providing a shield structure whereas the third layer contains the hard impact areas for the more vulnerable sections of the mouth.

  • Offering protection for the teeth, the shield works by reducing the force of impact to the jaw joint, which ultimately lowers the risk of concussion.

  • Tri-Density.

  • Extra Wall Thickness.

  • Boil & Bite.

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