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UPC : 5039044311631
Seller Reference : 5209020

The Inner Pro Fingerless batting gloves offer batsmen around the world an extra advantage in their battle against the bowlers. If you want to get their best of your opponent, we urge you to try these gloves.

Designed to offer comfort and feel, the Inner Pro batting gloves are made with premium soft cotton. Soft and smooth to touch, your hands will be taken care of in these beauties. The open cuff design of the batting inners ensures your mobility will never be compromised, allowing to perform to your maximum.

The fit of the gloves is exceptional, feeling like a second skin and allowing you fantastic feel on the bat. This version of the Inner Pro is fingerless, giving batsmen that crave a fraction more breathability that option.

Wearing inners has longevity benefits too, protecting and maintaining the life of your batting gloves by providing a barrier between your hands and the leather.


  • Open cuff design for increased mobility

  • Premium soft cotton gives exceptional touch

  • Brilliant fit to maximise performance

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