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UPC : 97512464406
Seller Reference : 2-WR065310F2

A badminton racket set in collaboration with WILOSN and MINIONS. Leisure racket set with 2 badminton rackets and 2 nylon shuttle cocks. Comes with a carry bag that is convenient to carry. Get your badminton essentials with the Minions Badminton Set, complete with two alloy rackets and two nylon shuttlecocks designed for beginner and casual players. Rackets feature lightweight, durable composition with an emphasis on high playability to maximize rallies for players of all skill levels, including those with little experience. Convenient carrying bag permits users to travel efficiently to a variety of sites, including the park, beach or gym.


  • Unique minions-inspired design across badminton set

  • 2 Hyper 6000 Series alloy badminton rackets for excellent mix of lightweight durability and playability

  • 2 Nylon shuttlecocks

  • Carrying bag for convenient transportation

  • Material                   Hyper steel

  • Weight                   92.0 ± 2g / 2U

  • Size / length           660mm

  • Grip size                   G4

  • Proper tension   14-16

  • Head shape            Nomal GEOMETORY

  • Maximum tension    16 pounds

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