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$ 134.85 520.0 AED

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UPC : 887768728410
Seller Reference : 2-WRT8905004

The Blaze S 1700 mixes softer feel, stability and power for added depth on clears and softer touch on smash returns. One of this racquet's defining features is a flexible, Liquid Crystal Fiber shaft that reduces impact shock and generates repulsion for effective lobs and drop shots.


  • Liquid Crystal Fiber removes unwanted shuttle impact shock in the shaft, delivering a softer, less taxing feel

  • Graphite T-Joint provides exceptional strength and greater stability by increasing resistance to frame twisting

  • Super Kick Shaft layup technology generates extra whip through a carefully engineered kick zone

  • Stable Wrap produces a more stable T-Joint, allowing for stronger and more accurate strokes

  • Strung w/ Full Cover

  • Weight                                                                  4U (80-84g unstrung)

  • Balance                                                                  Head-Light

  • Flex Medium-                                                          Stiff

  • Recommended String for Power & Comfort  Wilson Smash 66 - 0.68mm

  • Recommended String for Control & Durability  Wilson Fierce CX - 0.69mm

  • Stringing Tension Range                                 18-26 lbs

  • Length:                                                                   675 mm

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