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UPC : 887768535100
Seller Reference : 2-WRT8781004

The Fierce C2600 offers dynamic control with a stable 4U frame, even balance and technologies designed to aid strategic players in dominating the court.The Wilson Fierce C2600 badminton racket is a great choice for players seeking extra control and has Stable Wrap design for stronger and more accurate strokes. This flexible, evenly balanced racket with an oval head shape uses Super Kick Shaft technology for increased power and comes strung with Fierce CX string for a combination of durability, control and playability. There is also Spider Silk Ballistic Frame Armor technology to ensure strength, shock absorption and a clean feel and for added stability, the racket offers low torque graphite shaft. To guarantee protection between uses, the racket is supplied with a full-length cover.


  • Graphite T-Joint
  • Stable Wrap
  • Spider Silk Ballistic Armour
  • Super Kick Shaft
  • Foam Filled Hoop
  • Head Shape:                      Oval

  • Frame Weight:                   4U (80g-85g) (2.8oz-2.9oz)

  • Balance:                             Even

  • Length:                               26.6" (675mm)

  • Stiffness:                            Flexible

  • Strung with Fierce             CX string

  • String Tension:                  Up to 28lbs

  • Frame Construction:         5% High Modulus Carbon Fiber

  • Shaft Construction:           Low torque graphite shaft

  • Grip:                                    Wilson Badminton PU

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