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UPC : 2011000993610
Seller Reference : 2-WRT136500
Padel Rush 100 Ball - robust and play friendly.
The Padel Rush from Wilson is a very durable and stable Padel ball and is available in the practical 3 x can. In this way you are assured of always having sufficient reserve up your sleeve in case a ball disappears off court. The ball was produced under BLX technology and enlivens your playing pleasure.
Designed for faster play on omni court surfaces, the Padel Rush 100 picks up less moisture and retains lively playing characteristics due to its Duraweave construction. 


- Durable Padel ball
- Practical 3 x box
- Modern BLX technology
- Perfect for competitive padel players
- Fast, ideal performance on omni court surface
- Picks up less moisture and sediment due to construction

- Item Length: 3
- Item Width: 3.
- Item Height: 8.5
- Item weight: 5

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