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  • Coated with a Minions-inspired design for a fun look on the court, the Minions Clash 26 v2 feels remarkably arm-friendly thanks to its FORTYFIVE° carbon construction.

UPC : 0097512611022
Seller Reference : 2-WR098710U

 This layup creates maximum flexibility and stability through the swing, which enables young players to swing aggressively and confidently without spraying the ball. Tip of hoop features revised construction for an enlarged sweet spot, permitting more forgiveness on off-center contact. Racket features same specifications as in-line Clash 26 v2 and includes Agiplast plant-based end cap, bumper and grommets to add an element of sustainability and reduce its overall environmental footprint.


  • Parallel DrillingGrommet construction provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response while dramatically increasing the sweet spot.
  • Vertical BendingVertical bending of racket frame increases ball dwell time on string bed for players with more modern, vertical swings.
  • Horizontal BendingHorizontal bending of racket frame creates industry-leading flexibility for enhanced control on more traditional, horizontal swings.
  • Torsional BendingTorsional bending features proprietary carbon mapping to stabilize frame flexibility on off-center hits.
  • FORTYFIVE°Patent-protected frame layup produces more connected-to-the-ball feel while better complementing the more modern, vertical swing path. Material increases both flexibility and stability without compromise through the swing.
  • Part of 2022 Wilson x Minions collection featuring Minions-inspired tennis, padel and badminton equipment
  • Junior length and weight ideal for ages 10-12
  • FORTYFIVE° comprises a patent-protected carbon construction that creates maximum flexibility and stability at impact for an uncompromising blend of power, control and feel
  • Revised construction at tip of hoop supplies additional consistency and an enhanced sweet spot
  • Horizontal Bending creates industry-leading flexibility for increased control on horizontal, traditional swings
  • Vertical Bending increases dwell time for players with vertical, modern swings
  • Torsional Bending features proprietary carbon mapping to stabilize the extreme flexibility on off-center hits
  • Parallel Drilling provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response
  • Agiplast plant-based bumper, grommet and end cap components reduce environmental footprint
  • Head (sq cm)645
  • Head (sq in)100
  • Length (cm)66.04
  • Length (in)26
  • String Pattern16X19
  • Strung balance (cm)32.5
  • Strung balance (pts)+0
  • Strung weight (grams)260
  • Strung weight (ounces)9.17
  • Taper System (mm)24.5
  • Unstrung balance (cm)31.5
  • Unstrung balance (pts)-3
  • Unstrung weight (grams)245
  • Unstrung weight (ounces)8.64
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