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UPC : 887768139711
Seller Reference : 2-WRZ942700

The Wilson NXT is the most versatile string in the NXT family. This all-around string fits all playing styles. The Wilson NXT was rated the #1 synthetic string in terms of playabilty in a 2007 USRSA string survey. The engineer`s at Wilson separated two bundles of Dupont Xycro Microfibers then twisted them together and bonded them with polyurethane resin. The technology dampens vibration, enhances feel and resiliency, and maintains tension. According to Wilson, the NXT has 74% less shock and 10% larger sweet spot compared to a traditional synthetic gut.

Best suited for: Players who want a versatile string. Players who want a great balance of durability, playability, control, feel, and power.

  • String Length : 12.2m / 40 feet

  • Gauge :              16/1.30MM

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